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Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization refers to the SEO process which involves using off-site factors to improve your search engine page rank and increase the targeted visitor traffic to your website. Off page optimization takes into account important factors such as page rank and link popularity when ranking your website.
Google uses a page rank algorithm for off-page ranking with the emphasis placed on off-page factors for search engine placements. Off page SEO counts the number of inbound links using anchor text containing your target keywords. It’s vital that inbound links to your website come from established websites with similar content. Yahoo uses Web Rank, which is based on the number of incoming links to a site for its ranking process. Some search engines also rank sites based on usage information. Our SEO strategy involves the use of off-page factors such as link popularity to achieve a higher search engine placement for your website.

Some of the vital factors necessary for Off page SEO include:

  • Researching website relevance.
    It’s important that a website which links to your site should be considered an authority in its field and contains content relevant to your products and services. The Google page rank of each website linking to your site plays a vital role in defining your page rank.
  • The anchor text of each link to your site indicates the area of relevance the linking site places on your site. It’s crucial to have your primary keywords in the anchor text. The linking anchor text should not be identical on every site linking to your site.
  • The title of the webpage that is linking to your site needs to be relevant to the site and contain one of your keywords in its title.
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